Audio: Otafiire, Kahonda aide negotiate a bribe


Minister Kahinda Otafiire

A recording is making rounds on social media in which Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister, Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, and his rival Capt Donozio Kahonda’s campaign manager are negotiating a bribe.

The campaign manager only identified as Ponde son of Masinde is a resident of Nyamabale village in Kabira country Ruhindi constituency.

Ponde, in the audio, first talks to Otafiire’s agent a one Allan who says he has connected the young man to the minister.

“He [Otafiire] is a freeman. I have talked to him and he has agreed to our arrangement,” Allan tells Ponde.

Allan then hands the phone to minister Otafiire to speak directly to Ponde.

“You, son of Masinde, I have accepted what you talked with Allan,” Otafiire says in Runyankole.

“Come and we see. I will also pay for you accommodation,” the minister promises.

“I will come to your father’s home, we slaughter a goat and even dance [kitagulilo dance],” Otafiire continues, with a hearty laughter.

Ponde tells Otafiire that he even stole a car from his father [Masinde] and the curses have followed him everywhere.

Otafiire promises to intervene and beseech Masinde to forgive his son.

“I will come and go on my knees so he [Masinde] can forgive you [Ponde].”

Otafiire speaks on audio

We talked to the minister about the audio which he did not deny.

“Yes, yes, Ponde? That is one is a conman. He was trying to steal from me,” Otafiire told Insider on phone.

Otafiire said Ponde asked him for Shs2m for renting a house where he can stay.

“At first he wanted Shs7m and then reduced to Shs5m. You know these ones are just cheap.”

Otafiire said initially, Ponde wanted to defect from Capt Kahonda to his camp.

“But tell me, someone who can steal from his father, can’t he steal from me as well? You know in Runyankole, we say one who can steal from his father is not afraid of his uncle.”

Otafiire dismissed the audio is blackmail saying when he refused to give Ponde the money he was soliciting, the disgruntled youth chose to circulate the recording.

“What he doesn’t know is that the recording exposes him,” the minister said.

The incident happened in Ruhinda two weeks back.

This comes at a time police is mediating conflicts between Otafiire and his political rival Kahonda.

On Sunday, supporters of the two candidates vying for the Ruhinda County MP seat clashed, leaving 25 people injured.

Michael Musani, the Mid-South Western Region police commander said the clashes took place at Ekisementi trading center in Kashenshero sub county town council in Mitooma district as Kahonda, the NRM party flag bearer was on his way to hold a rally.

Police in Mitooma have so far detained up to 17 people over the clashes.

Otafiire told Insider the arrested were his supporters who he had personally taken to police to record statements.

“Instead of assessing the situation first, the police just detained my supporters,” Otafiire said.

“These [his supporters] are not aggressors, they are the victims.”

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