Audio: I’m like Jesus-Museveni


Museveni says he is like Jesus

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni says he is like the son of God, Jesus Christ.

Museveni made the comparison between himself and the divine being yesterday while addressing press at State House Entebbe.

He was responding to the question of corruption in the country and his government’s capability to fight the vice.

“Who else can fight corruption in Uganda other than the NRM government?” the president challenged.

He said when they came from the bush in 1986, they found the government full of corrupt civil servants.

They then started replacing them slowly with freedom fighters.

“Only NRM is legitimised to fight corruption.”

He took a swing at his rivals; Amama Mbabazi and Kizza Besigye, wondering how the two candidates who are “busy begging supporters” can fight corruption.

“The NRM fears nobody. We are capable of fighting corruption.”

He gave an example of extrajudicial killings, poaching which he said are already “finished”.

“Embezzlement is also now under attack by the NRM.”

I’m like Jesus

Museveni then explained that when civil servants failed to fight corruption, he started moving in slowly.

“I brought in people like Allen Kagina and Jennifer Musisi.”

Listen to the audio here:

He said Kagina was at Makerere University teaching psychology and told him she didn’t know anything about taxes.

“I told her to come. That’s how I started bringing in people who were not civil servants.

The president continued: “So, I became like Jesus who went and controlled fishermen. He found them catching fishing and he told them, ‘come and I make you fishers of men’”.

Museveni said he also brought in the likes of Jennifer Musisi to make changes in Kampala city.

“Musisi was also a lawyer. I told them that the problem is not knowing but having integrity. Slowly, the freedom fighters started coming in.”


Back in August this year, the deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon Jacob Oulanyah, represented Museveni at a function in Rugarama Kabale district.

Oulanyah told believers that Museveni “was like Jesus Christ who abandoned the riches, glory and splendour of heaven to come to earth and sacrifice himself for sinners”.

In his message, Oulanyah urged believers to support Museveni without unwavering because he [Museveni] has allowed all faiths to flourish in the country.

“There was a time in Uganda where people had no right of worship. Thanks to President Museveni and the NRM government that ushered in peace and security and promoting right of worship,” Oulanyah explained.

“Make President Museveni your spiritual hero for continued development in Uganda.”

A hot debated raged on social media as angry Ugandans insulted Oulanyah for exhibiting what they called “high level sycophancy” in public.

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