Odoi vows to wash Amelia dirty linen before Museveni


Amelia and Museveni

Former President Yoweri Museveni’s Principal Private Secretary (PPS), Amelia Kyambadde, says the overzealous NRM Electoral Commission chairman, Tanga Odoi, is the party’s NO.1 enemy.

On Saturday, Amelia who doubles as the Minister for Trade and Industry, reiterated her stand on capital gang, a political talk show, emphasising that Odoi and his colleagues at the NRM Secretariat will ensure the collapse of the party.

The beef arose last week when Odoi accused Kyambadde of seeking to block one Grace Kansiime from being registered because she wants to stand for Member of Parliament (MP) for “Mawokota County North” in Mpigi District, a position Amelia occupies.

Gangsters of the day including Ssemujju Nganda (FDC politician), Beti Kamya (President of Uganda Federal Alliance) and NRM deputy spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, took Odoi’s side against Amelia.

Nganda accused Amelia of “wanting to be a sole candidate”.

Opondo held her foul because she refused someone against registering as an NRM member and candidate.

Kamya too commended Odoi for being assertive.

Amelia responds

Amelia was called on phone to defend herself where she clarified: “I am not against anyone standing against me.”

She denied blocking anyone from contesting against her but Nganda insisted “Once people have worked with the President they go using his name” in reference to Amelia’s threat to tell Museveni about Odoi’s insubordination.

Amelia, however, put it to Nganda that having connections with state house was not a crime.

“Challenge me with my actions don’t link me to state house.”

She insisted: “If people who have just come on board in NRM (the Odois) don’t remain impartial NRM will collapse.”

She asked them to respect the views of others, yet, according to Opondo, Amelia should be appreciative that “this downstairs serves her course”.

The Amelia-Odoi standoff

Odoi accuses former NRM National Treasurer, Amelia, of influence peddling and using her position to promote illegalities through intimidation.

Kyambadde reportedly went to Odoi’s office to block a rival candidate for the Mawokota-North NRM flagbearer position, Kansiime, from picking nomination forms.

“I opened the constitution and told her that was not her mandate. She banged my table three times and said she would deal with me infront of the president. I told her as long as I am the chairman of NRM in that small office, I will beshame her,” Odoi told NTV.

Kyambadde on her part accuses the new leadership at the NRM Secretariat of fuelling intrigue meant to destroy the party.

She demanded that they go back to the village registrar and see whether Kansiime complies with the law.

“I will stand again and I will win but I am beginning to lose interest in politics because of such intrigue and because of such people who come from the academia and don’t know how to manage politics.”

She was referring to Odoi, a former MUASA (Makerere University Academic Staff Association) chairman.

“Odoi himself is an enemy to the party,” she emphasised.

Odoi dismissed the charge saying its her who wants him to fail so she can place some stooge to push around.


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