Ambition Mission accused of recruiting gays, illuminati


A youth group calling itself “Ambition Mission Uganda” has been accused of recruiting young Ugandans as homosexuals and illuminati members.

Illuminati is usually linked to a kind of cult worship of the devil opposed to Christian principles.

Reports have been ongoing in media outlets alleging that Ambition Mission Uganda, a group which prides itself in helping youth realise their dreams, is actually recruiting them as gays and illuminati worshippers.

Members of the group have been seen traversing TV and radio stations and even advertising on billboards trying to engage the youth.

They have also been giving out smart phones to youth in their wide campaign.


A concerned Ugandan, Asher Namanya, authored a lengthy document alleging that the group was up to something especially with their choice of youngsters between 15-25 years.

“To make matters worse these people have been going to Primary Schools, Secondary schools giving bangles, hand kerchiefs and other items to the students and telling the young children how it is good to join Ambition Mission.”

Namanya alleges that the group is sponsored by illuminati members based in United States of America to “kill off” Ugandan youth.

The document cities Ugandan artists like Eddy Kenzo, Irene Ntale, Mun.G and Juliana Kanyomozi who associated themselves with the group.

“Ambition mission is Group from the Devil and they want to destroy the young generation and as I write now they have already recruited many into homosexuality.”

Namanya claims the group has a house around and behind Serena Hotel and that’s where they have the counsellors who have been put to give counsel the young couples who have just joined the Group and give them tasks to do as homosexuals they succeed in first two three months as a homosexual couples who are taken to Kenya for marriage.

The group allegedly has a priest who weds the couples in Kenya and before they are given visas to go the USA.

“This mission is not only for Boys to Boys or Men to Men marriage but also they have got Lesbians as well, that is a woman to a Woman marriage and they encourage them to do the acts they give them to do.”

“These people have got Doctors in Mulago who gives them cotton for using when things go wrong and they also buy the married couples grease to use I mean for the couple of homosexuals when having sex to soften them as they have sex, what a disgusting thing to do.”

The report says they can be told from “funny haircuts which have seen many youth cutting in the sides and have Left the Hair above, that hair cut called stamina is for promoting Homosexuality and whenever you cut or shave that kind of hair style, the homosexuality Spirit follows you”.

The boys are also reportedly given a yellow and black bangle when they join the Group.

The citizen called on parents not to allow their children be recruited in this group.

Group denies allegations

In a statement, the group denied the allegations saying it was dedicated to helping youth achieve their goals.

Ambition Mission identifies itself as a community of young people from across Uganda who are united in their desire to achieve their personal ambitions in life.

The group says it supports and inspires them [youth] to achieve their dreams through things like our weekly radio show, regular magazine and inspiring Facebook page, which has over 100,000 fans.

“Ambition Mission is focused on supporting young people to stay in the right path to their goals. Competitions like Rising Stars gives motivated, ambitious young people the opportunity to be recognized for their ambitions and meet celebrity role models.”

Fighting tobacco use

The group also claims to rally youth to reject tobacco.

“Saying no to tobacco shows that we are focused on our goals, we believe in ourselves and we respect ourselves. That’s why we say We Are Ambition, We Are Not Tobacco.”

“For young people committed to achieving their dreams, Ambition Mission is the first step towards making them a reality – it inspires them to get there. This is the message that we are sharing with the young people who pledge to achieve their dreams because we know that these are the leaders of tomorrow and change starts with them.”

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