Amama youth label Besigye a hypocrite


Besigye addressing press

NRM Poor Youth Forum allied to Amama Mbabazi, has labelled FDC presidential flag bearer, a “hypocrite that Ugandans should avoid”.

Kato Isa, the coordinator of the yellow youth, says the ongoing stage-managed actions of the FDC Youth should not go unnoticed.

The youth today stormed The Democratic Alliance [TDA] meeting in Bugolobi and pulled Besigye out asking him to pull FDC out of the coalition which they say is favouring Mbabazi, “a weaker candidate”.

“It has been Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s dream to always lead the Ugandan opposition with leaders always bowing down unto thee,” Isa noted.

“This man is unserious, in 2012 he jumped out of the leadership of the party leaving a tight race between Gen. Mugisha Muntu and Hon. Nandala Mafaabi where Muntu emerged winner.”

Isa says it was only after Besigye was sent backstage, that the city became peaceful for a while.

“He missed the limelight he has always craved for and decided to return unceremoniously after realising Museveni is now weaker with the Candidacy of Hon. Amama Mbabazi.”

Isa accuses Besigye of “cutting deals with the regime and notably IGP Kale Kayihura in spending the tax payers’ money through buying teargas, junk police helicopters and the duo would share the difference”, a charge we cannot verify.

The youth further alleged that Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Lord Mayor, “struck a Shs600m deal” with President Yoweri Museveni to “rescue his mortgaged house”, another charge that has no evidence to back it.

Isa was not done yet; he alleged that Besigye’s company was supplying NAADS with piglets and that the deal has been ongoing for decades.

“This explains why, all opposition leaders are too broke while he [Besigye] owns Shopping malls, Hotels, Petrol stations and a chain of other businesses.”

Isa alleges that Besigye met the FDC youth yesterday “to plan what happened today at Royal Suites Bugoloobi after being resisted by the NEC members of the FDC”.


Isa Kato is the coordinator of the NRM Poor Youth, a group of young activists

He concluded that Besigye, the top opposition icon known for activism that has given Museveni sleepless nights, was “being used by the regime to sabotage the TDA meeting and elections scheduled for tomorrow, Friday”.

“This power hungry man is looking for a way out of this entangled web to stand on his own even without an endorsement from FDC a party he has just recently won to represent in the coming general election,” Isa charged.

Labelling Besigye a “self-seeker”, Isa alleged that the opposition icon was “using his boys headed by Prince Kahemba Babi and Doreen Nyanjura” to satisfy his “ego”.

Also today, NRM Poor Youth Chairman, Adam Luzindana, said if TDA chose Besigye, they would pull Mbabazi out of the alliance and ask him to stand on a Go Forward ticket.

FDC youth speaks

Meanwhile, FDC Preacher, Doreen Nyanjura, says they successfully and ‘forcefully’ got their candidate KB from TDA because they have seen “enough of the TDA comedy”.

“TDA has completely turned a deaf ear to media reports that continue announcing Mbabazi as flag bearer even before the selection exercise,” Nyanjura noted.

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