Amama: What democrat fears competition?


Amama given a spear in Mpigi town

Go Forward candidate, Amama Mbabazi, spent Thursday in Mpigi town canvassing for votes.

“Who will vote for change in Mpigi? My name is Amama Mbabazi and I am here to ask for your vote,” he told the cheering crowd.

Speaking at Mawonve grounds, Mbabazi took time to talk about the Uganda police force saying not all of them were that bad.

“Police is not bad, only a few elements. I will also revise their salaries too.”

He said unemployment will be tackled as his manifesto details and salaries of civil servants revised.

“Health and education services are in a poor state even here in Mpigi,” Amama noted promising to improve them as well as fighting land grabbing.

“Land grabbing will stop in Mpigi the day I take office.”

Transition of power, democracy

Speaking in Gulu town on Tuesday, Mbabazi said the country needs prayers as it prepares for peaceful transition of power.

He announced putting his campaign on hold to let supporters go and see Pope Francis who is coming to Uganda from Kenya tomorrow, Friday.

“We are very excited for the papal visit and I did participate in the preparations in the early days.”

Amama said he has committed himself to serving the people and imparting justice.

“I can’t understand how someone can claim to be democratic and fear competition,” he said supposedly taking a swipe at his former boss, President Yoweri Museveni.

“Democracy is a competition of ideas,” he stated, adding, “It’s high time we matured in our politics.”


In his government, Mbabazi promised to increase government revenue through taxation.

“The commodities exchange will stabilize prices and sell to both foreign and local markets.”

“These will house community banks, Silos, Ware houses, commodities exchange, Sports facilities and a police station.  These will be completely new jobs.”

He promised to introduce Advanced sub-county model [ASM] to create employment opportunities with over 500 jobs at every sub-county.

“I would like to see a policy that ensures equitable share of national resources.”

He said Go Forward supports the idea of Gulu Airport and also elevating Gulu from Municipality to City status.

Vote rigging

Urging media to share his ideas with the people, Mbabazi asked voters to guard their votes in February 2016.

“Partnership between our supporters at the polling stations and us in Kampala will ensure our votes safety.”


Speaking at a rally in Arua town on Monday, asked residents to vote “as a transitional leader. I know that you want change, a positive kind of change”.

He said having served as NRM Secretary General for a very long time (decade), he would now like to contribute to the history of Uganda by ensuring and safeguarding a peaceful transition.

“I know in West Nile one of our biggest problems has been Electricity. My government will provide that for you as well as ensure efficiency and service delivery.”

“With the solar power grid option that we are proposing for all citizens, you would be able to sell to the national grid any excess power generated from your rooftop. It would become an income source for you.”

He said the state of the Health Centers 3 and 4 will be tackled to ensure more efficient medical services at Sub county and division level.

He also tackled the issue of pensions.

“Why should pensioners not be paid. I know it is a sticky issue here in West Nile and we shall tackle it decisively.”

He further said it was essential for trade that restrictions between cross-border trade are reduced.








biraaro bwanika


“Amama Mbabazi is working with Electoral Commission to rig elections and he has people every where intimidating me and my supporters.I will not accept the results if EC declare Mbabazi or Kizza Besigye .We need an independent EC” -Yoweri Kaguta Museveni


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