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Amama scorns Karugire for vulgar language


Edwin Karugire

Go Forward candidate, Amama Mbabazi, has expressed shock at how uncivilised president Yoweri Museveni’s son-in-law can get when it comes to using language.

Amama was addressing a press conference Saturday morning in Mbale town regarding the President’s trip to Mbale this weekend.

The former Prime Minister had earlier petitioned the electoral commission saying if Museveni visits Mbale this weekend, it would disrupt his [Mbabazi’s] rallies.

NRM lawyers led by the president’s son-in-law, Edwin Karugire, wrote to EC saying that the president had no plans of being in Mbale on the 9th/10th as alleged.

“We are writing to the electoral commission and I received a copy and so apparently he will not be here,” Mbabazi said.

Mbabazi argued that the arrangement is that when a presidential candidate is in an area he has it exclusively to himself/herself.

“The president is a candidate. I saw a letter written by the president’s lawyers.”

Mbabazi said, in the letter, Karugire and “someone else” [Kiryowa Kiwanuka, Edwin Karugire and Peter Kauma] said that a president is a president and he is free to go anywhere.

“And they used language, very uncouth language.”

He added: “I was surprised that a lawyer could use such language.”

Karugire is married to Museveni’s daughter, Natasha.

In a response to Amama’s petition, Karugire wrote: “It has become a habit for the complainant to invent fictional grievances, such as this, which our client is then required to respond to.”

He added: “We therefore request you to advise the complainant to substantiate this and all other future allegations he is sure to make.”

On vote protection

Amama said he would want to give confidence to the voter that it is possible to protect the vote and they have a very significant role to play because if they stay at the polling station with maximum vigilance and the vote is counted and results declared and all things are done with accordance to the regulations.

“In other words the results, election orders and things like that. Giving copies to the various agents or the actors of the different competitors. They will have done their duty.”

He said the fear is that there would be manipulation in Kampala.

“Because you can see they are all ready. I think come 18th, most of these people will stay to protect the vote. What remains is tallying which is where we shall manage.”

He also commented on his supporters arrested in Ntungamo following last year’s violence.

Mbabazi said he trusted the justice system to prevail in the matter.

On his missing bodyguard, Christopher Aine, Mbabazi said he was going by the statement my lawyers issued about Aine.

“Since then they have filed in courts of law a writ of habeas corpus, am simply waiting for the police to produce the Christopher Aine. I have said I will not comment on that picture because I don’t want to engage in speculation.” “Because that picture I saw was of a body where some post mortem must have been done. You could see the way the body was slit, a post mortem had been done.”

He added: “I think its very easy to establish. So what is happening? Has police together with medical authorities identified that body in the picture which was published?”

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