Amama says can guard votes from thieves


Amama Mbabazi has shared with the people of Mityana district the secret to curing the vote rigging cancer in Uganda.

While addressing a rally in Mityana town, a voter asked Mbabazi how he intends to protect the votes from being rigged.

Amama told the voter to “stay on the polling station” and guard the vote.

Speaking in Masaka on Monday, Mbabazi advised Ugandans to get involved in the electoral process.

He told them to become agents and ensure they are present at polling stations to guard their votes from being stolen.

“I can be trusted to guard the people’s votes, given me mandate,” Amama said.

Mbabazi said every generation has its responsibility.

“Ours liberated this country, brought it this far. Now you need to carry on.”

He said it was time for the young people to exercise leadership.

“All I bring is the experience needed for transition. Time for change is now. Vote Mbabazi. Vote for Change. I will be the beginning of change.”

He said change will only come with change of government ushering in one with the right ideas.

Mbabazi said he has enough experience in leadership and can be trusted with power.

“You give me the power and see how Uganda changes. After changing the bad situation, the country will go forward.”

He pledged to fight water scarcity problem and pay veterans as well as looking after children of those who lost their lives in the struggle for a better Uganda.

He also promised to work on Mityana’s bad roads so farmers can easily transport their produce.

He pledged to fight youth unemployment and improving the health care system as well as fight corruption which he says is Uganda’s biggest enemy.

Amama further promised to restore cooperative unions so that farmers can gain from fruits of their work.

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