Mbabazi: I’ve negotiated with Besigye 22 times


Amama and his guards on arrival at TDA offices

Amama Mbabazi has addressed a press conference at The Democratic Alliance [TDA] offices in Naguru hinting at the possibility of still working with FDC’s Kizza Besigye.

Present at the occasion were; his endorser to the alliance and sister in-law, Hope Mwesigye, former Uganda People’s Congress president, Olara Otunnu and his deputy president, Joseph Bbosa, Jeema’s Kibirige Mayanja and Democratic Party president, Norbert Mao.

Mbabazi was endorsed by Go Forward for change group, People’s Progressive Party, DP, UPC and eminent people like Mulwanyamuli, Miria Matembe, Imam Kasozi, Rev Fr. Gaetano, Bishop Ochola, among others at the Wednesday meeting.

Others included; Youth representatives like Brenda Nabukenya and Uganda Federal Alliance’s Beti Kamya while Besigye on the otherhand was only endorsed by FDC and Conservative Party [CP].


Mbabazi trounced Besigye

According to Mao, a clear decision based on the overwhelming majority of TDA was evident that Mbabazi was the candidate.

“In the absence of unanimity and that some of our colleagues failed to get consensus, TDA is at crossroads,” Mao said.

Although Mbabazi was the obvious winner, Dr Zac Niringiye says they did not arrive at a conclusion on a joint candidate.

“We are committed to continue working together over the purposes that brought us together,” Zac told press.

Mao also acknowledged that they still have respect for the minority dissenting voices of in the TDA.

“The times and task at hand require a leader that can cause change, Mbabazi is that man,” he noted, adding that they have called for an emergency TDA summit to discuss the future.

Otunnu regretted the fact that even with the majority endorsed Mbabazi, they were not able to achieve consensus.

“No one should confuse people that TDA has two candidates. Today we are presenting to you the Candidate chosen by the majority,” Otunnu announced.

Mbabazi speaks

Mbabazi who introduced by Mao as ‘the next president of Uganda’, said he accepted the nomination thanking fellow candidates; Gilbert Bukenya, Mao and Besigye.

“I salute your decision to put the country first.”

He said Uganda had a population of 35 million people and there was no need to talk about individuals [when asked about Besigye].

Mbabazi quickly noted that “the doors are still open for Besigye to join us”, adding that he hoped the opposition icon does.

“”I have had negotiations with Dr Besigye for the last one year. In fact, we have met 22 times. I am still negotiating with him directly,” pointed out.

“With true unity, meticulous organisation and a focus that is razor sharp, we will win this election,” Amama pointed out.


Amama addresses press

“There are 15.7 million voters, all of them yearning for change and all of them worse off than they would be under effective governance.”

He said if the current administration has any plan for a better future, they are keeping it a secret.

“Our primary focus must be on the future of Uganda. We are wiser and stronger if we make this our focal point of our struggle.”

Amama said the victory is not merely possible but it is within their reach.

“What we will be giving Ugandans is alternative policy proposals and that will be discussed in the coming days.”

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