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Akena storms TDA offices, grabs UPC flag


Akena talks to Besigye at TDA offices [Photo by Qatahar Raymond]

Uganda People’s Congress [UPC] party president, Jimmy Akena, has stormed The Democratic Alliance [TDA] offices and withdrawn his party’s flag.

In the early stages of the alliance, Akena announced he had pulled UPC out of the coalition while addressing delegates at Jokas Hotel in Bweyogerere.

Mid-August, delegates to UPC National Council unanimously resolved to quit TDA Protocol that was signed by the deposed party president, Olara Otunnu, saying its intention was to weaken the party grassroots.



359 delegates voted by the show of hands that the party should withdraw from the protocol of the Democratic Alliance against two delegates voted for the party to remain in the Alliance.

Akena said the party would rather concentrate on building the party structures that he alleged Otunnu’s leadership has weakened.

Maxwell Akora, the National Secretary of UPC, said they were not consulted as the parliament of the party before the disposed party president, Otunnu decided to assent to TDA.

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Last week, the Akena faction cautioned TDA over the continued presence of Otunnu as party president saying it is against the interests of the Akena-led party.

Otunnu was last seen attending the TDA summit in Bugolobi and has been attending other meetings held by the alliance.

Michael Osinde Orach, the spokesperson of the Akena faction, told press that the TDA was overstepping its boundaries by interfering in the internal affairs of UPC.


Akena on his way out [Photo by Qatahar Raymond]

Akena withdraws UPC flag from TDA premises

Today, Akena personally drove to TDA offices and withdrew his party’s flag.

Akena quietly entered the compound, went to where the flags of different political parties are hoisted and pulled down that belonging to UPC.

Meanwhile, rowdy UPC youth were outside banging the gate and demanding to be let in.


The youth were carrying anti-Otunnu placards.

The flag pole on which the UPC flag had earlier been hoisted is now bare after the flag was withdrawn, says Qatahar Raymond, an investigative journalist who is at the scene.

“That flag is a representation of UPC. The party organs didn’t agree on our membership in TDA,” Akena said.


The youth on the other hand said TDA could take Otunnu whenever it feels like but the flag belongs to UPC party.

Akena together with the flag and the youths then left the TDA offices.



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