Akena: I know Museveni called my father a pig

Jimmy Akena Obote, son to former Ugandan president, Milton Obote has congratulated President Yoweri Museveni

Jimmy Akena Obote, son to former Ugandan president, Milton Obote with President Yoweri Museveni

Former president Milton Obote’s son Hon. Jimmy Akena says he is aware President Yoweri Museveni called his father a pig but won’t pay back.

On talk that he is ‘selling’ Uganda People’s Congress as a token of appreciation towards President Museveni for appointing wife Betty Amongi, Akena said he is more ambitious than simply being swayed by a ministerial appointment for his wife.

“Olara Otunnu [former UPC president] is bitter because President Museveni took the food out of his mouth.”

Appearing on NBS television Thursday, Akena said he can’t betray his father.

“I can’t betray my father [the late Milton Obote and founder of UPC]. His life was based on the issues I am addressing. The reality is, we can’t talk about transition while ignoring Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.”

Akena agreed NRM fought against UPC but refused to agree with the reasons (that elections were rigged in 1980) before Museveni went to the bush.

“UPC won fairly. We are resolving the question of the leadership while thinking about the party’s future and Uganda’s.”

“We are preparing for 2021. The 2016 election is over. In 2021, we will contest as UPC.”

“Yes, President Museveni called my father swine but that doesn’t mean we must pay back in the same.”

Akena is confident this si President Museveni’s last constitutional term.

“This time is crucial. We need to find a formula for greater cohesion. UPC working with NRM is going to go through party processes. This is not a done deal but a process.”

Appearing on the same show, Prof. Edward Kakonge said Cecilia Ogwal would have been Uganda’s first female VP but was talked out of it because UPC doesn’t work with NRM.

“Jimmy Akena is not the UPC president. We have an interim president: Joseph Bbosa. Akena is a masquerade,” he re-echoed Otunnu’s words.

He said UPC was built on certain fundamental values and Jimmy Akena is now deviating from those values.

“Jimmy Akena is not giving UPC a fresh breath. Maybe a foul breath.”

According to Kakonge, Uganda is horribly fragmented by the regime in power which has no respect for the rule of law.

He said aligning with a regime that has failed is a shame calling UPC hopeless for working with NRM.

“President Museveni once said if Obote returns, he would put him six feet under. President Museveni is the kind of person whose next move is never known. NRM had a big hand in the overthrow of Obote II. This UPC/NRM deal is sad. Sad really,” Kakonge concluded.

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