Activists pledge to stop Uganda-Tanzania pipeline to save Serengeti park


Activists have pledged to stop the proposed Uganda-Tanzania oil pipeline after some designs showed it could cut through the highly endangered Serengeti National Park.

The activists successfully stopped Tanzania from building a road through the park in 2015.

They said on Wednesday they would revive legal action in the East African Court of Justice if the two countries insist on the shorter and cheaper Serengeti route.

“The pipeline and accompanying road would be a barrier for migrating wildlife and a high risk area for oil spills,” Serengeti Watch said in a statement.

The shorter 1,200-km route through Lake Victoria and the Serengeti is, by some estimates, the same length as the northern route through Kenya.

“The length of such a pipeline is the single biggest factor in its construction cost and subsequent transport cost of oil,” said Serengeti Watch director Dave Blanton.

This route is further complicated by the Lake Victoria, the cost of laying a pipeline under water and heating it, he said.

Reports say Uganda’s oil is thick and needs to be heated to a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius, and that unless diluted, heating stations will be needed at fixed intervals.

Heating oil to the required temperature.

The Star.

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