Activist detained over ‘lies’ in Museveni’s war book

Jobless Brotherhood coordinator, Norman Tumuhimbise, is now required to answer a few questions concerning his book diluting President Yoweri Museveni’s war memoir.

Norman was arrested from his home by police on Tuesday over allegations that he was part of the group that dropped yellow pigs at state house Nakasero.

On Monday, unknown people dropped two pigs dressed in yellow T-shirts at the entrance of state House in Kampala.

However, it turns out that Norman’s problem is bigger than he anticipated.

As we gathered, the police chief Kale Kayihura, wants Norman to explain who gave him the information he used to portray as lies events Museveni describes in his book titled: “Sowing the Mustard Seed”.

Norman’s wife told reporters outside their home that policemen who arrested said they were taking him to “talk to the IGP”.

Last month, President Museveni unveiled the 2nd Edition of ‘Sowing the Mustard Seed’ in which he discusses regional stability, Great Lakes region’s history, geopolitics of countries like Rwanda, DRC and the defeat of LRA rebels.

Speaking at the event, Museveni gave an insight into the book that chronicles the days of the bush war struggle.

The president also revealed that the original fighters were not 27 as the myth has always maintained but 43 although only 27 were armed with guns.

Norman “Unsows the mustard seed”

In June 2015, Norman announced the launch of a book titled ‘Unsowing the Mustard Seed’ exposing president Museveni published “falsehoods” in his book ‘Sowing the Mustard seed’.’

“In this book, we have detailed the untruths told and how President Museveni’s comrades lost their lives in the liberation struggle and only he emerged the hero,” he told press.

Col. Samson Mande stated in a forward to the publication said: “The Ten-Point-Program was more less a mustard seed that we thought would sprout from the ground with vigour and vitality and produce delicious fruits that would be enjoyed by all Ugandans.”

Norman promised to mobilise youths and students and shun the 2016 general elections that will give Museveni a fifth term in office.

Norman was later “kidnapped” by state agents and held in “a safe house”.

“Behind the Devil’s Line”

In July, 2013, Norman was arrested and interrogated over a “devil” in the title of the book he wrote titled: “Behind the Devil’s Line”.

The activist said the devil was President Yoweri Museveni who he described as a “traitor”.

Museveni, who took power by force in 1986 and then promised to reform the country’s violent politics is now one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders and a dictator in the eyes of some.

“The devil, to be frank, is the president,” Norman who doubles as a member of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change party, told AFP.

“The longer Museveni stays in power, the more he becomes a liability to this country,” he added.

His book was unfortunately rejected by local bookstores forcing him to carry around copies that he sells to trusted agents because he is concerned that the state intends to buy all printed copies and destroy them.

In the book he accuses Museveni of what he calls “arrogance and big-headedness” and likens him to the late Libyan leader, the late Col. Muammar Gadhafi.

Ofwono Opondo, government spokesman, told AFP the activist’s book was a work of propaganda that did not deserve wide readership.

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