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Nonprofit Organization Can Accept Donations Online Right Now via YoDime Payment Platform.

In Bid to compete favorably in the current contemporary world; different businesses  or organizations have adopted different modes of receiving and paying out money which range from: virtual payment methods like credit/debit cards, bank accounts, mobile money, carrying physical petty cash, and electronic methods among others, the traditional methods of payment have been mainly cash based whereby one had to carry physical cash to get goods and services.

Online fundraising has long been successfully used to raise money for specific events. Now many organizations are looking to accept donations online through their general websites, and the giving is adding up. If you want to start accepting donations online right now you are at the right place. We will show you what tool best fit your situation.

Online donations are growing; the internet will increasingly become the preferred method for making donations.  No matter what cause of action you have, start to accept donations online, so you can increase your revenue and better support your services now and into the future.

YoDime provides you with API (software) can you use to integrate the online donation functionality into an existing website?  The integrated API will allow allow people who access your website to able to deposit or donate towards the cause.

The Benefits of Accepting Donations Online

In case you’re skeptical, here are some reasons your organization should be collecting donations online.

Keen Donors and Busy Donors are More Likely to Give

Donating online is easy and quick. Due to the simplicity and speed, you are more likely to capture urge donors who were moved by your organization or course from the content on your website.  You’re also more likely to capture people who want to support your organization, but just don’t have, or think they don’t have, the time to go through a long donation process.

Online Giving is Growing Substantially

More people are now using the Internet, according According to the Uganda Communications Commission there were 8,531,081 Internet users by June 2014, making up 23.0% of Uganda’s population. This trend seems unlikely to slow anytime soon, especially as the generations that grew up with technology get older and acquire more disposable income. Now is a good time to start to accept donations online (if you’re not already doing so).

Its Build Relationships with Younger Donors

It creates networks, when online fundraising is particularly effective it can pay off down the road through donor support. One of the major advantages of social networks is they allow people to connect to others with similar interests and values

It’s easy and cost effective

Including a fundraising button on a nonprofit website is a cost-effective way to create a consistent source for funds, provided initial implementation creates dependable performance. The cost associated with online donations usually occurs in initial phases as businesses disrupt current practices to include the new channel.

YoDime, the latest development also offers  different other services which include  Instant bulk payments. E.g. employee wages, salaries or specific allowances depending on the package. Payment of utilities e.g. electricity-yaka (UMEME), water, airtime, pay tv(Go-TV, Azam- TV, Zuku, star times-TV,).

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