South Sudan

60 SPLA soldiers court martialed for looting


At least 60 government soldiers have been tried before a court martial for alleged crimes committed during last month’s fighting in Juba, a spokesperson of the SPLA army said.

Brig. Lul Ruai Koang, spokesman of the SPLA forces, told Radio Tamazuj that the convicted SPLA soldiers include murder, random shooting, looting and violation of human rights, saying the military is waiting for presidential approval for the sentences.

“In early July, the SPLA leadership identified 19 soldiers who committed crimes of murder, random shooting and looting, so this number has now increased and it reached 60 soldiers, most of the soldiers are charged with looting,” said Lul.

But none of the 60 SPLA soldiers were charged with rape despite many cases of sexual assaults by government soldiers on aid workers and civilians during fighting in Juba.

In 2014, the SPLA army claimed that soldiers held for suspected crimes and human rights violations in relation to the events of December 2015 escaped the military barracks where they were being held.

Many people were killed in Juba in mid to late December in targeted killings as well as crossfire during fighting in various parts of the city.


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