12 FDC MPs left Besigye for Mbabazi-Kamya



Uganda Federal Alliance leader, Beti Kamya, says The Democratic Alliance [TDA] agreed to reach out to Mbabazi and those issues Besigye is raising should have been raised while the former NRM Secretary General was joining TDA.

“Mbabazi was wooed to TDA and he played hard to get,” Kamya revealed while speaking at Capital Gang, a political talk show on Saturday.

She said all politicians have different strategies and these didn’t form part of the discussion.

“I don’t know if Besigye has realized how the ground has shifted,” she pointed out saying in her constituency, people were now turning away from Besigye and supporting Amama.

“It’s my view that after three attempts Besigye was not going to add on support.”

Besigye stood against President Yoweri Museveni three times in 2001, 2006 and 2011 and lost all of them.

According to Kamya, 12 Forum for Democratic Change Members of Parliament have already defected from Besgiye to support Mbabazi.

She cited Mathias Mpuuga and Abdul Katuntu saying these ones were already with JPAM.

Kamya did not mention the other 10 MPs who have quit Besigye camp.

Ssemujju disappointed

FDC spokesperson, Ssemujju Nganda, speaking on the same show said he was very sad to see Norbert Mao announce Mbabazi as the TDA candidate yet they didn’t have.

Mao defended himself saying that until political parties realize that they want to change this government and offer something good, they are in trouble.

Ssemujju on the other hand, said the unstated objectives was why TDA has failed.

“I have friends in Democratic Party who say they prefer Mbabazi because he has no party,” Nganda shockingly revealed.

Nganda said at a personal level, he prefers the Kenyan way.

He said they could still all join hands as opposition and face a common enemy.

He said they still stood a chance considering Museveni was teargassing his own cabinet ministers.

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