‪Gagamel: Amnesia is a stinking rotten club


Singles’ Party at Club Amnesia


Gagamel Phamily has joined a war between their boss, Bebe Cool, and management of club Amnesia.

Yesterday, club Amnesia DJ Neem Nimrod accused Bebe of spreading false gossip about them while at Laftas saying he has been a member for two years and should not be speaking ill will of them.

Nimrod said Bebe Cool has been eating free food, taking free drinks and even borrowing money as little as Shs 10,000 from the club manager for two years now.

He asked the singer to apologise to the club very fast.

Bebe Cool speaks

On May 11, Bebe sent a message to Gagamel fans, saying they had stopped the band from playing at club Amnesia.

He explained that it was because rehearsals had started for the most anticipated concert of the year‪ dubbed “Friends of Bebe Cool” scheduled for August 7, to be held at Kampala Serena hotel.

Yesterday, in a message not directly addressed to club Amnesia, Bebe said “the journey begun more than 25 years ago, music was the weapon and success was the mission.”

He agreed that along the way came obstacles and challenges but through all he has persevered without any scratch on my body armour.

“All eyes on me, friends and family alongside me, I have led my army to victory but my victory not visible to a naked eye, evil mind or stunted brain.”

Saying he is being protected by Allah, Bebe made it clear that “no weapon formed by man against me shall prosper.”

Gagamel lashes out and hurls abuses at club Amnesia management

Gagamel Phamily administrator, Richard Kleberson, last evening wrote a lengthy message describing the club as a “stinking and rotten place”.

“We have been patient with many things as Gagamel phamily because we are understanding business people,” Kleberson stated.

“However, basing on the way you have treated our boss just because you lack respect, we shall also talk about some obvious things.”

“Your toilets stink, the seats are full of parasites (bed bugs), your workers have sex in the club day and night and your club is full of pickpockets,” Kleberson described.

Turning to DJ Neem Nimrod, Kleberson lashed out thus: “You can’t wake one morning as a DJ who earns Shs 800,000 and you familiarise with Bebe Cool who makes four shows a day and earns Shs 5m or Shs 7m per show.”

Kleberson said Nimrod falsely accused Bebe of debts as small as Shs 10,000.

“Your club doesn’t even have people. It is Gagamel that has been helping you get some people. We are now calling upon all Gagamel phamily members never to go back to that stinking rotten club.”

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